Oh November

I’ve gotten lost. I think it started sometime a little before Thanksgiving. I feel strange saying that a lot’s going on at the moment, (because when is that not true for anybody?) but it’s the only way I can honestly express how I’ve been seeing life.

At the moment we’re most of the way through “dead-week”. In the days surrounding this week right before finals, a general sentiment by the student population is that suddenly the academic world has dropped a mountain of work on top of them. In all actuality, the deadlines for all of our projects that we were supposed to have been carefully working on over the semester have become intolerably close, and now all of our stress-responses are in overdrive.

At the moment, I’m sitting in McCain, as has been my usual ritual on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the past semester, and I’m reflecting on the semester as a whole. I have a paper I should be writing, but I’ve been putting this off for far too long, and for now this is where my mind is.

Two weeks ago, the Delts held our annual Winter Charity Ball. It’s one of our largest events that we hold each year, where we bring in dozens of toys and hundreds of dollars for local and national charities, such as Toys for Tots.

It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Each November, we book a local jazz trio and provide seasonal refreshments to the campus. With the suggestion of a small donation, the students enjoy an evening of socializing that is relatively uncommon throughout most of the year.

Going to school everyday, you generally get accustomed to seeing everyone in their casual day-wear. But inside the Langroise Foyer, safe from the November chill, I get to see my student-body dressed at their finest. Maybe I’m just being romantic, but I feel like there are far too few opportunities for these moments of formal socializing.

Aside from my course-work, which is what I will likely summarize next week, the other momentous thing that has happened was our officer elections for Theta Psi.

After our fall initiation, I was nominated for President. As a junior, this was a really interesting moment. I had served as Corresponding Secretary for a year, and that job was enriching and rewarding for me. This would be the last election that I would be able to serve as an elected officer, as my term would finish during my senior year. Ultimately, between myself and my fellow candidate, I was not elected, and I now sit as another active within my chapter.

It’s somewhat disappointing; being able to serve and to lead is a great honor and privilege, but truly it’s a relief. I would have welcomed the challenge of leading an organization that I care about, but in life I feel like my role is truly one of a counselor, not an executor.

Looks like I’ll have some more free time.


I don't really have a reason for this photo to be here. But this happened in front of the Haus a few weeks ago. Caldwell.

-Andrew Moore