What’s Next?

Thinking back to this time last year I was knee deep in college applications and school work. If you are a student currently in this position you might be asking yourself; is this worth it? I certainly did. The answer (well, specifically my answer) is yes. Yes it is.

Advice to all of you incoming freshman: the more time you spend now finding scholarships, filling out applications, etc. is that much less stress in college. So do it! Acknowledge that you have to endure the rain to get a rainbow and that it will definitively pay off in the end.

This time last year I was extremely stressed. Right now I am laying back relaxed, preparing for a fun debate trip at the end of the month, sitting by the fire every night with friends doing homework, having a very relaxed winter term with free mocha Mondays and free movie Fridays! It took a lot to get to this point. I know that it might be frustrating for now, but remind yourself that there is a point to what you are doing. You will be grateful years from now when you are chilling by the fire (maybe even with me)!

And yes your first semester of college will be difficult, but that’s what we are here for. Over time you will become experts in college and life as well, it just takes a little patience. However, in the meantime, If you need anything help with applications, advice or just an insight on college life you can email me @ [email protected]. I’d be beyond happy to answer your questions, or even post about something more you would like to know about.

Au revoir for now!

-Madai Montes