How to see campus in a different light

So all day yesterday, I was tramping around campus with my camera, and all I did was shoot panoramas. I took nearly 1,000 odd photos, which were stitched up into 4 good panoramas, and a few absolutely horrid ones. I just started taking panoramas, inspired by the work of Jan Boles, who is the campus archivist/historian. You can see his work at

So here are the panoramas:


View from The Hat along Cleveland Avenue.


View from Sterry Hall.


View from the side of Langroise Center for the Visual and Performing Arts.

As a side note, the statue you see in the middle is my favourite piece of public art on campus. It was originally a fountain donated by the Beta Chi fraternity, to commemorate the fat that during WW2 almost all the chapter was fighting the war.


Another side note: I am an arts major, so I spend a lot of time in Langroise, and so this is a view I am really accoustomed to. What is interesting to see is that this photo contains amonst the two oldest buildings on campus. Voorhees Hall on the left, and Sterry Hall in the middle.

Cheerio, until next week.

-Rahul Sharma