I am a kidnapper of sorts now. I guess. If it's cool. Can I?

So I have been reading a lot about photography these days, partially because there is nothing really to do. One concept that has seemingly captured my imagination is that of a kidnapper.

Now I am not talking about those guys who will abduct you and demand ransom or molest you or call you a ficus. No. Photographic kidnappers. These intrepid photographic pioneers would travel around the country, take pictures of local interers, and then sell them to the people. They could be slightly unscruplous, granted, but they displayed ingenuity, and above all, they would be the type of photographers I aspire to be. Someone who could do it all. Make my own film, expose it myself, develop it myself, print it myself. There is a certain charm associated with that notion. 

So I decided I'll be a kidnapper too, but for your benefit, and for no additional monetary recompense.

At the top is the amphitheater. Sadly, no Roman dramas or Caeser murders take place here. It is relegated to a spot for people to take pictures, and lay back. 

This is the view of the Simplot Stadium. The Caldwell Night Rodeo starts on Tuesday, which as I write is tomorrow. Caldwell is going to be full of people, and bulls and whatnot.


This is Pablo's Plaza. Right next to campus. They have a bomb Mexican food place called Imelda's. I know Imelda. She is a sweetheart.


This is Langroise, from the Inside. It's pretty cool. I spend most of my time there. 


Caldwell Town Fair. It was fun. I found 5 dollars on the ground. I was really happy.


I was on a Photographic Expedition in the mountains of Idaho. I found an old demolished school. Here it is.


More demolished schools.


And finally Frolf. It is a fun sport, especially if you manage to decapitate some loved one in process.



- Rahul Sharma