Things in My Inbox Right Now:

My inbox is an entity that rivals my daily planner in importance. It houses all the things I have on my plate, and once I’ve taken care of an item, it gets sorted out into a folder or deleted. So here’s what is happening in my life this week, according to my yotes email.

  1. An update about a judicial board case.
  2. The Coyote Calendar from Marketing and Communications—this lets me know what events are happening around campus for the next month or so.
  3. A notice that supplemental information about sketching has been posted on my class web page, from Garth Claassen, one of my London professors.
  4. An email from a teacher at Lincoln Elementary, a local school where I’m going to start tutoring third graders on Mondays.
  5. A room reservation confirmation from the college regarding an event I’m planning as in my capacity as my sorority’s Education Chairman.
  6. An email from my Heritage Scholar Advisor, Kerry Hunter, about an opportunity to study in Ireland.
  7. An update from the C of I registrar letting me know when I can register for 2013 Spring classes.
  8. A hotel reservation for my trip to eastern Idaho this weekend for a wedding.
  9. An email from Professor Angresano about what my Intro to Political Economy class should study for our first test.
  10. A list of sites that I need to know for a map quiz from my other London professors, Sue Schaper.
  11. Advertisements letting me know that throw blankets at West Elm are 19 dollars.
  12. An email saying that there’s a presentation by two Palestinian students tonight about “The Palestinian Peace Message.”
  13. A notification that Ryan Crocker, recently retired US ambassador to Afghanistan and former ambassador to Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait, and Lebanon is coming to speak on Monday at 11:30.

-Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore international political economy major from Boise, Idaho.