Table Rock

This morning, this lovely group of fourteen people and one super cute dog got out of bed early enough to be on the way to Boise by 9:30. This is pretty early, for a Saturday at least.

We parked at the old Penitentiary and hiked up a dirt trail that wound its way up hills covered in delicate dry yellow grass and rough scrub brush under a heavy gray sky. It was just barely drizzling and pretty windy, but surprisingly warm today.

The view from the top of Table Rock is certainly worth the hike: you can see downtown Boise, the Owyhee Mountains, and 360 degrees of hills. We took some pictures at the top, and realized that Miles had wandered away from us, when his head popped out of the ground. This made a lot more sense to me once I realized that there are caves under the table. We all checked out the cave and wondered if future archaeologists would be confused by all the graffitti if there was some disruption of civilization between now and then.

We did a little bit of rock climbing, and spent about ten minutes trying to get a good photo of us jumping off of one small rock. We ran down the very steep hills back to the parking lot, and drove into Boise for some Blue Sky Bagels. I got a cinnamon sugar bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and it was probably one of the best things I've ever eaten.

It didn't really fill me up all the way, so I had enough room to attempt the Saltine Challenge a few times. I never was able to eat more than four saltines in a minute. However, all of us were lucky enough to be in the presence of Matt Goodwin, who happens to be a saltine-eating GOD, getting down an unbelievable eight saltines in one minute. It was unreal.

A few people wandered off to the Saturday Market and the Record Exchange. Sarah had lost her car keys, but once she found them, two of the cars headed back to campus. That left Connor and I, both phoneless, to meet the rest of the group at the record store. We drove there, found nobody, but decided to look around for awhile and hope that someone would show up. We found a good Eric Clapton casette for Connor's car, but none of our friends. We weren't sure if they had found the other group and couldn't get ahold of us to tell us, or were deciding to stay and hang out with some people they knew from high school that we'd heard had showed up.

We decided that there was really not a whole lot we could do--it had been almost an hour since we had left for the record store and had no way to contact anyone. We decided to head back to campus, so that we could figure out where everyone was. By the time we made it back, they were already on their way back in a cab. It was a pretty nice way to start the weekend by getting off of campus for awhile, the rest of my weekend plans involve homework and starting to study for finals. Bring on the chemistry!!

--Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.