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It’s been a good first week back. I’ve been doing a lot of reading; I’m 262 pages into The Life of Charlotte Bronte, and 181 pages into First, Do No Harm. These books are for my lit class on the Bronte sisters and for Bioethics, respectively. Aside from those two, I’ve had passages from Plato, Aristotle, Virgil, and Ovid for my Money in Literature class, plus a chapter or two from my Economic Development text. So far, the only class I have not been assigned reading is French, which is a relief, seeing as my French vocabulary is very much that of a one semester student.

And the reading isn’t going to let up any time soon—for my two literature classes alone, I’ll read nine books in 12 weeks. My homework for the last week is really almost exclusively reading. It’s been a little strange for me; usually I have at least one class that demands regular output, like physics with its daily problems. I know the output for my spring classes will come later in the form of essays and reports, so I’m relishing the fact that I just get to do intake right now.

I can’t live by books alone, however, and luckily the campus calendar has contrived to offer up a few events that I’m using to break up reading marathons. The first was on Tuesday, when Program Council brought the band Tall Heights to the Pub to play a concert. Friday night will find me at a “Trebelle Trio” concert and Saturday night I’ll be at the Langroise Trio performance.

There’ve also been a few Valentine’s themed hall programs in the dorms this week—the 13th had Hayman celebrating “Galentine’s Day” and Anderson held a fondue night on the 14th. While I didn’t make it to either of these fetes, I got my fair share of Res Life love from my RA Hillary, who left every girl on my floor a Valentine with thoughtful handwritten note on the back.

From Caldwell,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.