Cake on Campus

Sunday is always homework day for me. I get a late breakfast, wrap up a pastry or two into a napkin, run back to my room to pack up my bag and then head over to KAIC to get down to business. Today that means editing my friend’s personal statement for a summer internship application, reading act one of The Merchant of Venice, reading a case study for economic development in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and maybe some French online homework. It’s a pretty light homework weekend, which is fairly unusual at C of I, so I’m savoring it.

The nice thing about studying in KAIC is that it is literally about 50 feet from my bedroom. I can see my window from KAIC, and have to be outside for all of 15 seconds when I go from building to building. The close proximity of KAIC and Anderson is super convenient for my 8 a.m. bioethics class—it’s about the closest anyone could live to a classroom without living in the classroom itself. If I wanted to risk showing up with a serious case of bed head, I could probably get out of bed at 7:58 in the morning and still make it to class in time.

KAIC, which stands for Kathryn Albertson International Center but is usually pronounced “cake,” is a pretty multi-use building. There are classrooms downstairs, and the business and language professors have their offices on half of the second floor. The rest of the second floor is a big open study area, but gets utilized for things like Campus Ministries Late Nights and blood drives. There are also two computer labs, and one pretty cool mezzanine also set up for studying. The open area of KAIC is unusual for C of I in that it has huge windows. Most academic buildings on campus are older and consequently have tiny windows and don’t get much natural light, especially the library. So another upside of KAIC for me is being able to bask in the sun while getting some class reading done.

From KAIC,

- Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.