August Angst

August is a month that I usually hate. It’s too hot, the novelty of sleeping in till 10 is gone, and I’ve temporarily exhausted my ability to read for hours at a time. Add an eagerness for school to resume to that mix, and you can see why August is normally a bad month for me.

But I have high hopes for this August. In part, it’s because I’ll be wrapping up late July (also a hard time) with a slew of good things. Among them were seeing Sweeney Todd at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, having four hour-long catch up sessions with my best friend, and landing a temporary position with the Boise Art Museum to help coordinate Art in the Park.

That last one is a particularly good salve to my August angst, as it will keep me busy through the month and even into the first week of September.   It’s also a good tempering agent because I love BAM. This is a place that’s been on my radar since third grade, when I made a shoebox diorama of it, complete with pipe cleaners to represent the neon tendrils on the face of the building.  Only nowadays, I would be able to make a more accurate floor plan, since I work in the offices off of the main gallery. Even the offices are hung with art from the permanent collection, so I’m not apt to forget that I’m in an art museum. Nor am I apt to feel too far away from C of I—one of the security guards is a C of I grad, and our archivist, Jan Boles, has photography hung in an exhibition.  I know that there are also usually a few C of I kids peppered in with the interns, though I’m not sure if anyone is around this summer.

Other things that contribute to my hope for August include kicking it off right at First Thursday. I’ve got gallery-going and dinner plans with my very favorite C of I connection, and am planning on making a stop at the new Sesqui-shop installation, Standing Still: The Trees, where I’m sure to run into more people from the College. After that, I’ve got a few good outings planned for August, including seeing King Richard III. But the very best part of August will come at the very end; I move back on the 30th. 

From Boise,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.

PHOTO: This is a picture of my baby basil plant, purchased at the Boise Farmers Market in June.