Sure Signs that School’s Approaching

Aside from a torrent of Facebook posts about people trickling back into Caldwell, another sure sign of impending return is the coming and going of the first Coyote deadline.

Wednesday morning was the deadline appointed by our new Editor in Chief, Skylar Barsanti. Skylar happens to be one of my sorority sisters, as well as a London compatriot, and I’m excited to see where she takes the paper this year.

One of Skylar’s first emails came to myself and about nine other C of I kids earlier this summer, asking us to write regular columns.  Last year, I wrote an opinion column on campus issues called “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” This year, I’ll still be doing an opinion column on campus issues, but I’m trying out a new format that involves offering up solutions and proposals instead of just criticism. You can bet that the amount of time it takes me to write my column will probably double, but it should be worth it.

The email asking after regular columnists was followed by ones about pay rates, deadlines, and available articles for the first issue, which comes out during the first week of school. Wednesday brought a reminder email that articles were due. I think the Coyote has always struggled with people sending in articles late, so Skylar is threatening to delay payment for late articles. I’ll have to check in with her to see if it worked.

From Boise,

Megan Mizuta

PHOTO: This picture is from the Rose Garden in Julia Davis Park, where I took my lunch break yesterday. You can just see the BAM sculpture garden in the back.   

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.