Wacky, Wonderful Weekend

Wow, a lot happened this weekend. I was really busy, and probably didn’t do as much homework as I should’ve, but it was still epic.

Friday was Fall Discovery Day. As a student ambassador, I had a great time taking part. There were about a hundred students and their families who came to visit C of I. I gave some of them a tour of campus, and then was on a student panel to answer their questions at lunch. I really like being a student ambassador because I love C of I and I get to tell prospective students why I love it and try to get them to love it too. Plus, I’ve got to meet some really interesting people as well.

After the excitement of Discovery Day was over, my friend Hanna and I went rock climbing. One of the awesome things that the C of I Outdoor Program does (and trust me, they do many awesome things) is having hours set aside for open climb at our rock wall. Did you know we have a rock wall? We do, and it’s really fun. Hanna and I have gone climbing almost every time the OP has the wall open, and we love it. There’s a variety of different routes, so it’s fun for all levels. Plus, all the OP people who help out with it are really nice and will teach you how to do things. Going rock climbing is something I love to do, and I’m so glad that the OP makes it possible!

I topped off the night with a Harry Potter movie marathon with some of the people in my dorm. But it wasn’t really a marathon because we were all falling asleep after the first movie. But it was still really awesome and we continued with the second movie on Sunday night. (Our conclusions from the night? Dumbledore is a badass grandpa, Voldemort is evil but cute, and Ron’s car is very sassy). Hopefully we can get through all of the movies eventually!

Then Saturday night was Fall Fling. It was themed Oktoberfest, so we got some really cool free stuff, took our pictures with a German background, and got to eat German food. We also got some pretty wicked airbrush tattoos. There were a number of bands and groups that performed, and the dance group The Armada was especially good. They did some crazy dance moves that if I attempted I would probably seriously injure myself. It was a great time!

So now that that fabulous weekend is over, I’m jumping right back into the daily grind with a test in one of the most failed classes on campus. But, only two more weeks until fall break!!!

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.