The 2013 Cultural Show

The hottest topic right now with the International Student Organization is the annual Cultural Show. This is the biggest event that the ISO hosts and the preparations for it this year are absolutely incredible.  

The Cultural Show in my understanding is where all nationalities represented here at the College get to share a bit of their culture, the way they dress, dance, what they eat, etc. I spoke to the secretary of the ISO, Mohammad Mudaqiq, and he told me that to him, it simply represents an exchange of traditions and values between all C of I students, both international and American. He added that everyone is expected to share their cultures regardless of what region of the world they are from. He also wrote, "The Cultural Show is intended to bind people in one faith that even though we are all different in so many ways, we all remain people of one earth." I thought that this was a very interesting and reflective way of explaining what the purpose of the show is. 

The mood will definitely be vibrant with people dressed in all sorts of colors and prints. All participants (because all attendees will participate somehow) will get to informally share a little bit of their culture through casual converations with people they have never spoken to before, which is the whole point of hosting of the show--to interact and teach one another about our cultures and where we come from. 

Emails have been going back and forth between members, auditions have been held for the different skits, and each and every person who is atttending should expect a completely unique show from those that have been held in previous years. There will be a lot of dancing, singing, speaking, and I guess all else that is entertaining. Also, there will be a fashion show incorporating C of I student designs and unique designs from different regions of the world, and it is guaranteed that the participants/audience will be in awe.

For now, look out for posters on campus for specific details about when what is happening and how it is happening, with whom it is happning and all else that shall reveal more about this amazing show. December 4 is the date and I can not wait for some cultural exchange. 

P.S. The picture above was taken by Jitendar Singh at the C of I 2012 Cultural Show with additional photos from last year's Cultural Show below. 

- Kenny

Keneuoe Mphutlane is an International Political Economy sophomore major from Lesotho.