The Frolfers Re-emerge

Aside from being a negligent blogger for the last week and half, I’ve been up to the usual spring semester occupations—reading, and constantly checking the weather in hopes of high temps and sunshine. Right now it’s 45 and sunny in Caldwell, and I’m celebrating with a dress that’s more appropriate for 70-degree weather. The rest of campus is feeling it too—there have been squadrons of frolfers out, and one or two particularly ambitious souls trying to get their tan on.

Weather-checking aside, I recently got a new set of research duties. I’ve been doing research for my professor Rochelle Johnson, who’s working on a biography of Susan Fenimore Cooper. I spent most of last semester and winter term transcribing letters and tracking the Fenimore Cooper family across Europe by reading the travel letters that the family patriarch wrote. They went on a super extended European grand tour, spanning years and many countries. I primarily looked at their time in Italy and Switzerland. Now I’m working to move Rochelle’s database on Susan Fenimore Cooper's life from Excel to Word, for greater readability and searchability. I also have a new book to read through—The Greater Journey—in the hopes of gleaning more information on what the Fenimore Coopers did while living in Paris.

I’m also in my last days of being 20—my birthday is next Monday. Since being 21 on a Monday is no fun, and since the theater club is putting on a masquerade ball on Saturday night, I’m co-opting it into a mini-birthday celebration.  Then Sunday means brunch with my family at Brick 29 in Nampa. Even if I don’t get to have a mimosa at brunch (again, not 21 till Monday), I’ll console myself by eating the world’s tastiest bacon.

Other miscellaneous things on the radar include the SRC. That’s the Student Research Conference, where C of I students can present the hard work they’ve been doing. It’s set for April 26th this year, which means that I’ve got a planning committee meeting this Friday to get ready for. Students have to submit abstracts in early April before they’re accepted to the Conference, so the planning committee will be picking a date to read those over.  The SRC is also going to coincide with the senior art exhibit, so April 26th should be a busy Saturday for campus.

From the Village,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.