Busy Busy Busy

I honestly do not remember the last time I sat down in peace without thinking there's a ton of things I needed to do. It certainly isn't peaceful but it's good. 

A lot is happening in the month of March and I don't just mean Spring Fling, although I am looking forward to it. I will be attending the Clinton Global Initiative conference in two weeks in Arizona and that has got me doing so much work in preparation.

I submitted an application for a project that uses fashion as a form of development in African counties and named it Fabulous Development. I honestly did not know that the project would get me selected because quite a few people thought it doesn't make sense to use fashion in long-term development plans. I had to sit down each and every day and think of ways in which i would crash such a claim and at this point, I am getting really close. 

In any case, I got in contact with a fashion designer in Rwanda, Sonia Mugabo, who has agreed to partner with me in recruiting 10 young women who were affected by the 1994 genocide, train them in sewing and launch a collection at the end of the project that will be sold in an online store and other distribution channels in Africa. I have had the privilege of finding people who are interested in the items we will be producing and cannot help but be excited about this project. It has become a part of my life so much that I am making fundraising plans through different sources to see it happen. 

In other news, school's also getting intense. After doing a research assignment in Evidence, Proof and Knowledge, I am almost 100% sure that I can handle whatever coursework is handed to me. Any international Political Economy student can imagine what taking EPK and Introduction to Political Economy is like: busy, busy, busy. 

Being involved academically and in extracurricular activities is definitely helping me grow as a person. I am meeting, virtually and otherwise, a lot of people I would have never imagined I would meet and I feel great. 

P.S. The picture is of some African print fabric I have to pick from for items Miss Mugabo will be sending me to wear at the conference. Super stoked!!!

- Kenny

Keneuoe Mphutlane is a sophomotre International Political Economy major from Lesotho.