Sun + Spring = African Jazz

I had such an amazing time at the AFRO Jazz Festival. 

The AFRO Club was able to get a prominent speaker, Vincent Kituku, who just basically portrayed a typical conversation between an African elder and youngsters. He told us about his transition from Kenya to the U.S. and it was absolutely hilarious. Also, there was "the moral of the story" even in the smallest details that he shared with us and it reminded me how in the African culture, an elder will tell children stories so they can learn an important life lesson from it.

Some of the things I went away with from the talk was when he said "You are more than the stereotypes associated with you," and it was such a simple yet powerful message.

He shared his own personal story about how his first pair of shoes was given to him by his mother when he was in hospital, sick, at the age of 17. Now he has an organization that has built a school and educates over 500 girls and provides them with school uniforms and shoes. Remarkable!!! 

Besides the funny and deep stuff, it was a relaxing afternoon of performances by AFRO Club members as well as other students from the U.S. and Palestine, and a taco truck (to show that even if it is the AFRO Club all other cultures are embraced).

Shaun Mandiwana, the president of the AFRO Club and his team did an amazing job in sharing the African culture and dress, as well as the music. Also, there will be the ISO Food Fest coming soon and I cannot wait to indulge in a variety of cuisine. 

 - Kenny

Keneuoe Mphutlane is a sophomore International Political Economy Major from Lesotho