Happy Room Draw! And may the odds be ever in your favor…

There is tension in the air. All the tributes…students stand with their numbers at the ready. From across the room, I make eye contact with my district partner…I mean roommate. The gong rings out and all the students converge on the cornucopia. Wait no, that’s not right. They converge on McCain – for the bloodbath. There is chaos – students yelling, screaming, fighting, doing whatever it takes to get to that last weapon. What? Oh, the last room.

Hold on a second? This isn’t the Hunger Games? Nope. It’s just room draw at C of I.

The housing selection process here is unlike anything I’ve seen at other universities, and while it does tend to be fair, it causes students an undue amount of stress every year right around the third week of April. Anyone who wants to live on campus signs up in a random lottery that is assigned based on the number of semesters you’ve been at C of I, and then you wait with bated breath, hoping against all hope that this year, you’ll finally get a good number. It’s been especially complicated this year because there are a lot more students and the same number of rooms, so the possibility of an off-campus apartment has been thrown into the mix to make everyone that more uncertain.

Like I said, very stressful. This year for me was even more so than last year, though I haven’t had great numbers either time. My friends and I wanted to live in The Village Apartments, but once we got our numbers we realized we wouldn’t have much of a chance unless we found a senior to room with. Thus began the search. I finally found a friend who was looking for roommates in The Village – and she had number 52! We were ecstatic. We actually had a chance now.

When we actually arrived at room draw, my friend Allie and I were so nervous we didn’t even want to look at how many spaces were left in The Village. My heart was beating really fast as I looked around at all my competitors. It really was like the Hunger Games (except for, you know, the dying part).

Alas, we didn’t end up getting a spot in The Village, even though we were really close. For now my friend and I have signed up for a double in Voorhees, but there is the waiting list for The Village, and I plan to be the first one on it!!

Photo: My current room!

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.