Why am I not in France?

Let me just say that at first, I was not ready to come back to school after break. Don’t get me wrong – I love winter term. It’s just that this break seemed so…short. Maybe that’s because I slept for at least half of the first week I was home, but probably not. Or maybe because I wasn't looking forward to leaving for Paris once I got back. But anyway, now that I’m back, I’m starting to get into the swing of things again.

The first week back has been quite nice, despite the practically subzero temperatures and actually having to go to classes again. Campus already feels empty and half of the people going on trips this winter haven't even left yet. So many of my friends are leaving to go places that it’s weird for me to be here on campus during winter term. I’m taking two classes – French and International Business. So, basically the same thing I did last winter, except in Caldwell instead of Paris. I just keep thinking about last year when I was getting ready to go to Paris. It feels like just yesterday and I wish I was going back! But I think both my classes will be interesting, and I like the professors, so that’s always a plus. it's kind of deja vu though, because Dr. Mel, one of the professors I went to France with, is teaching my International Business class. So It really is like the same thing, but not actually in Paris. Oh well, I guess I will have to cook a lot of French food to make up for it!

I’m also going to be busy with the OP this semester. We have a ski trip to Sun Valley planned for this Saturday (something I’m extremely excited for, having loved it in the past), plus weekly trips up to Bogus Basin to escape this nasty fog. I’m also going to be holding open climbing at our rock wall every Friday, so that’ll keep me busy as well.

Other than that, I plan to binge-watch a lot of TV shows, read a lot of books, and cook with my friends. Just your typical winter term! (Except for the fact that I wish I was in Paris...shh)


(Picture is of the sunset when I was driving back to Idaho)