2C After Five Months, Five Countries, and A Lot of Moving

I am officially back in the Treasure Valley. I’m just not officially back on campus yet. I have started to schlep my belongings over to the Village, one carload at a time, but I’m not sleeping there, which is what I consider the threshold for being officially back.

Before I flew in on Sunday, I finished up whatever it was I was doing in Ireland, stopped in London, went to the Queen’s house, and then hit up Sundance. Somehow I neglected to visit Florida. But my best friend went, and brought me back a Hemingway magnet, which is almost as good.

Today was my first visit to campus in about five months. I spotted a few athletic-sock wearing figures from the road, but only encountered two familiar faces as I unloaded my CR-V. It’s a little strange to be moving into the Village again, partly because the apartment layouts are all the same. I’m attempting a new furniture configuration in my bedroom so that the déjà vu doesn’t get too bad.  I’m excited to move in all the way—my roommate Stefan, aka C of I VP/gay rights activist/future lawyer/wine connoisseur, has the place all set up and comfy. He has also promised me baked brie, which will surely hasten my official arrival.

The books have been rolling in too, reminding me that spring semester is only a few days away. It’ll be a big change to spend so many hours in class after having such a minimal schedule last term. I haven’t actually unwrapped any of the books since they’ll soon be making a trip to Caldwell and it’s been raining, but they should all be for my World Lit course. My lit senior seminar and Idaho natural history courses didn’t require any books, and finance is all online, so I got off pretty easy in terms of book-buying this term.

Even though the skies are pretty grey and the 2C smelled strongly of cows, I’m glad to be back. I’ll be interested to see for myself what changes a few months have wrought upon the campus, and to generally catch up. The increased class time and stabilized routine should also do wonders for regulating my blog-posting schedule, so expect to see more next week.

From Boise,