Stretching Spring Break From Marsing to Michigan

Spring Break is winding down, and I’m about to head out to Michigan. In theory I should have done my to-a-different-time-zone-traveling at the start of break, but it just worked backwards this time. Instead, I kicked off break in Marsing with my SLC based boyfriend, house-sitting and cat babysitting for my favorite archivist. Essentially, Stephen and I spent the first half of break in a beautiful, art-filled house with gorgeous views, and with wild bunnies and quail running around outside. We also took advantage of a Canyon County home base to poke around the countryside a little, revisiting Celebration Park (where, yes, Ashley speared the Wednesday Lab group of Idaho Natural History a mastadon). We also made it to the nearby Declaration Point, which is an overlook of the Snake River, and plays host to many birds of prey. We did make some Boise forays as well, and I had grilled cheese in two different restaurants: Juniper and Bleubird. You could say it was a pretty good first half of Spring Break.

Then I came home for a few days to hang out with my own pets, one of whom I promptly and accidentally locked in the garage for a few hours. He was not a happy cat.  At home I’ve been doing my World Lit reading for next week outside in the beautiful Boise weather, getting in a little shopping, movie going, plant buying, and have also been eating all of my parent’s Cadbury eggs.

This morning I had an interview with Boise’s Department of Arts and History, for a temporary archives processing assistant job. Coincidentally enough, LinkedIn informs me that today was my one-year anniversary as a volunteer in C of I’s Smylie Archives. My speedy interview mostly consisted of me talking about the work I’ve been able to do in the Archives, and about last summer’s cataloging job, which Jan (Boles, aforementioned favorite archivist) set me up with. And tomorrow will find me on a plane to Ann Arbor, for the University of Michigan School of Information’s admitted student visiting days, so it’s archives all around.

The visiting days go from Saturday to Monday, and it’s a packed 72 hours. There are campus tours, sessions broken out by specialization (I’ll be in the Libraries/Archives grouping), meals with faculty and current students, mini-lectures, a job fair, financial aid, career development and housing sessions, and an exposition of current student’s work and internships. There are also an optional, pick-your-own nighttime outing on Saturday night—there were bar and coffee shop options, but I signed up to go with a group to a gelateria. I may regret this choice, as I will likely be eating my gelato in 12-degree weather.

Applying to and choosing between graduate schools has really brought the networking capacities of C of I to light for me, especially in the case of University of Michigan. After I announced that I’d been accepted to UM, Professor Maughan got in touch with one of his history PhD candidates, and in one fell email, essentially said, “Here is Megan. Megan, here is this knowledgeable person who is willing and happy to talk with you about Michigan.” Then I also remembered Andrew, a Delt psych major who graduated my sophomore year and who works at Michigan. So I got in touch with him and got the rundown. Then, after stopping in to talk with our head librarian about library school, she sent me an email with the contact information for one of our grads who had gone through the same program. So even for someone who’s pretty rotten at networking, the good people of C of I are making the way clear and smooth.


From the Boise Bench,

Megan Mizuta