2 Intern 2 Furious

I hate sequels.

Well, no. That’s not true. I love sequels. But you’re supposed to say you hate sequels because it makes you sound much more refined and callipygian. That’s fine or whatever but... I mean…The Winter Soldier. Come on! Or The Dark Knight Rises! And what about Wrath of Khan?

I bring up sequels and superheroes (oh really, Star Trek isn’t a superhero movie? Fight me) because I’m working on a new one. As many of you definitely don’t remember, I spent the entirety of last spring semester in panicked duality; by day I was Ashley, the wise-crackin’ rebel rouser who cried a lot. By night, however, I was my superhero alter ego The Intern, the wise crackin’ intern at Boise Weekly who cried a lot. It was a tough job, but somebody had to save Hell’s Kitchen.

Wait, that’s Daredevil. Scratch that. But also you should absolutely watch Daredevil because I am in love with it.

Anyways, Friday I had a meeting in order to finalize my summer internship at The Cabin in downtown Boise. The city needed me, they said. The streets have gotten out of control, they said. Why are you doing your own narration, they said. And I said yes and don’t worry about it.

The Cabin is a non-profit that aims to help people celebrate their love of reading and writing. My job this summer would be helping out at the writing camps for 3rd-12th graders, as a teaching assistant to the visiting writers and a mentor for the kids. I’m very excited because that sounds very important.

I like being very important.

Staying busy in the summer is absolutely key—free time and radioactive chemicals is what made an adorable blind lawyer become a vigilante. (Sorry, Daredevil again.)

Staying busy and inspired is a better way to put it. My motivation lasts only as far as inspiration can take me. I need to be in element in order to make it by and The Cabin is designed to be the ultimate writers’ haven; all soft footfalls and riverfront views and chairs with buttons. But while my own creativity is important, this summer I need to focus on other people’s more. I’m good with it, actually. Writing is one of the coolest things people can do, even if they don’t believe that. Helping those kids realize that is exactly how I want to spend my summer.

It’s not fighting crime, but it’s something.

Until next week,


P.S. This week’s picture is from my Natural History lab. We went into the sagebrush desert in order to study landscape dynamics. We were surrounded by thousands of acres of sagebrush and it was weirdly beautiful.