Zipping Through the Trees

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than zipping through the trees, hundreds of feet in the air? This Sunday, as part of an OP trip, I drove up with a group to students to Horseshoe Bend to do just that.

My group was the last to go, and we left C of I about 3:30. After a much shorter drive than I expected, we arrived at ZipIdaho. They took our group of 11 in an incredibly bumpy “Indiana Jones Style” truck ride up the mountain (and yes, for those of you wondering, we were definitely singing the Indiana Jones theme song).

After suiting up and learning how all our gear worked, our guides set us up on the first zip line. Now, I’ve only been on one zip line before, but this was totally different. The harness was like a rock climbing harness, but with extra shoulder straps, and there were two straps with carabineers attaching us to the contraption on the zip line itself. It didn’t seem like there was much attaching us, but I trusted that our guides knew what they were doing and took the leap off the first platform.

Suffice to say, it was awesome. And it only got better from there! We crossed a suspension bridge called “The Bridge of Doom,” went through a bunch of zip lines with platforms in the trees, and even did a sort of trust fall, going off the platform backwards.


The Bridge of Doom

The next zip line left from the ground, but it was the longest and fastest of all the lines we did. The wind was crazy, and I was going so fast I barely noticed all the trees whipping by.

Finally, to top off our experiences, the last two zip lines allowed us to go in pairs, so we could race! Alas, I lost both races, but on the last one, we got to hang upside-down doing the “dead man” so it was worth it.

Dead Man

Racing on the double zip line!

Dead Man

Doing the Dead man! 

It was definitely another fun trip with the OP!