Alumni Pathways

The English Department at the College of Idaho often receives questions from prospective students and their parents on what a person can accomplish with a degree in English or Creative Writing. The answers are diverse and surprising. While some of our graduates enter professions which are conspicuously identified with an English degree, such as teaching English and working in publishing, our majors enter a wide and varied range of professions.  We realize that there is no “typical” path for an English major, and we think our students will be surprised at the breadth of fields into which our graduates have put their backgrounds in English to work.  People today change careers frequently, and English majors are well equipped to make such shifts.  The answer to the question “what can you do with an English degree?” has many answers. 

Our gracious and willing alumni have shared with us their stories, and we invite you to learn more about their journeys through the “Alumni Pathways” link on the English Department home page at The College of Idaho.

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