Scarier than Halloween: Tech Week

The play is about to start and we are all going to die.

Not really, I’m being a tad overdramatic…but only a tad.

Today is Halloween and I’m currently sitting in a room full of mildly hungover Theatre Majors in full costume. If anyone ever thought being a Theatre Major wasn’t difficult I could immediately conduct them to Exhibit A; Hailee Lenhart-Weiss in full maternity gear, barely keeping it together while we all pass around a shared community burrito. The stuffed pregnancy belly she has to wear under her costume has begun to take it’s toll on her nerves, and she’s been muttering this entire rehearsal process about, “never getting pregnant and being stuck like this, ever!” Monica Aguilar gazes on would-be causally, but there’s a feral look in her eye as she bites violently into her bacon burrito. We are in the first half hour of our relatively short six-hour day.

This last week of October has been a frantic ride, filled with Halloween shenanigans, birthday madness (22, whoop whoop) and the looming shadow of opening night. When it rains it pours, and when it hits the end of October we all just have to hold on tight to make it through the storm.

Tech is referred in the theatre community as Hell Week for a reason. In some ways as an actor, it’s chill, because you hang out in the Green Room for two days and pray we get through cuing lights and sounds and whatnot fairly quickly. On the other hand, you’re tired and cranky and stuck in a room with weak wifi for multiple days, and you can hear the tech crew swearing like sailors and making frustrated choking noises over the intercom for hours.

Truly, it’s the tech people you have to light a candle and pray for, because where we all have had six weeks to work on a show, they have three days to miraculously make everything come together. In a show like A Winter’s Tale, everything relies on tech, we have so much music and crazy lighting to worry about, they’ve more than got their work cut out for them.

Today we have tech from 10 o’clock to 4 o’clock. Tomorrow we have tech from 10 o’clock to 7 o’clock. This actually strikes all of us as a little ambitious, because this is what you might call a hefty play, and there’s an awful lot to get through.

All of this craziness will be worth it once the show begins, and we’ve finally gotten everything down and we can just focus on a nightly basis on putting forth a good performance for our audience. I love the moment after opening night formally ends, when you’re officially in the thick of things and can really go all out.

I, and the rest of this cast, are ready to get this show on the road!


Somehow, miraculously, my roommates and I found time this week to carve pumpkins. Mine is the angry feminist one, and I’m way more proud of it than I should be. Hope everyone had a great Halloween and stayed safe!