Curtains Closed






This show has consumed my life for the last month, and as sad as I am to see it go, it feels so good to watch it walk away.

We were adjudicated by a judge the last Saturday of our performance, which is always a little bit nerve wracking. Essentially some theatre buff none of us knows comes to the play, watches it and takes notes, and then gathers us together after the curtain call to tell us what he or she thinks about the show we’ve just spent three months working on. Sometimes they spend the whole time talking about the lighting design or the set or even the playwright, which isn’t really fun for the actors assembled there hanging on their every word, because we’re actors, and of course it’s all about us us US. We’re dying to know what every stranger thinks of our work, so we sit there transfixed, even though most of the time we end up disappointed since it’s rare to have a judge comment on everyone’s performance.

Not this time though!

The man adjudicating us went into deep detail about the performance of near every character of our twenty person cast. It took a while for sure, but it was actually really nice and very rewarding to hear what he had to say. He covered everyone from King Leontes to the Jailor, going into particulars about each of them. When he talked about my performance, he mentioned enjoying a couple of things about my acting that I’ve really been trying to improve on. It’s one thing to hear that you’re doing well from your friends and family, but they also love you and are inclined to tell you you’re doing better than you might actually be doing haha. Hearing from a perfect stranger with no vested interest in your ego can be exactly what you need, and it’s good to feel like you’re on track with your work the way you hope you are. So that was great to hear, and it was fun to see him notice little things about everyone’s choices on stage. He was very complimentary, and I’m glad he came on a night when I didn’t stutter through a monologue onstage… or trip. Also, I managed to cry every night but two during one of my scenes, and I’m super glad I did when he was in the audience. I was like, “You see that? That’s a tear! ACTING!”

John Wicks, who played King Leontes, and I also were chosen to compete as the Irene Ryan candidates at this years upcoming KCACTF (the one big theatre festival of the whole year). I’m pumped for it. We’ll both need to find partners, two contrasting scenes, and a monologue, and we need to do it ASAP ‘cause we are already running out of rehearsal time. It’ll be a lot of fun though, and it’s always a great learning experience, so I think we’re both still plenty excited for the opportunity despite the surprise workload. Finding scenes always feels like it takes forever, but I’m a bit more well read than I was the last time I competed, so hopefully I’ll figure out what I need to do soon. It’ll be easier to search for now that the show is over and I don’t have rehearsals or performances looming over my head.

Suddenly having three to four more hours every night to get stuff done is the weirdest sensation, though unfortunately it hasn’t really resulted in me getting ahead in any productive way. Instead, I seem miraculously capable of convincing myself almost every night that I have plenty of time to get that homework done… right after three or four episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. And I would feel bad about that, if episode after episode wasn’t so amazing, and if I weren’t totally 100% mentally over this semester. It’s been a long couple of months, and even though I like my classes I’m already ready to jump into some new stuff. Plus, I love winter term, and as soon as Halloween ends I feel ready to sing Christmas carols, and I need the world around me to get on my level. I am done with homework, done with early classes, and totally done with how weirdly stressful the end of term can be.

I think everyone is feeling pretty similar, and we’re all due for the chance to head home and gorge ourselves on turkey. I’m so ready for Thanksgiving break, even if I have five thousand and some things I need to get done instead of just lying around and eating all of my parents food (which I know is more likely going to happen). I hope everyone makes it through these next few days in one piece, we’re almost there!