Please 2016, Be Gentle

It’s New Years!

Who can believe it’s already that special time of let's all make a bunch of promises to ourselves that fall through by February!

I’m just kidding, New Years is great, I love the idea of a fresh start. I think there’s something very valuable in giving yourself a chance to list out all the improvements you want to encourage in yourself for the upcoming year. No, there’s nothing stopping you from making changes in yourself any other time, but there’s something more official and magical about a brand new year and all the possibilities it can bring. Plus, the whole stroke of midnight celebrated with a glass of sparkling Champaign and glitter everywhere thing appeals deeply to my soul. I’ve been planning the truly ludicrous amount of sparkly eyeshadow that’s going to be on my face come that first minute of 2016 for an embarrassing amount of time. This will be my first time celebrating the turn of the year Downtown too! I’m super pumped. I doubt I’ll find myself at the Potato Drop (freezing my buns off in uncomfortable heels waiting for a giant vegetable to fall a few feet pales in comparison to Happy Hour at Mai Thai), but who knows, maybe I’ll be close enough to watch from a window. Very conveniently, I’m house sitting for a friend downtown, so honestly it’s as though the whole universe came together to place me right in the middle of the party as the year changes. Thanks Universe, I appreciate it.

I consistently suck at keeping New Years resolutions. Last year I know I said something about eating healthier and working out, and I literally just finished inhaling a plate of pizza rolls and I can’t remember the last time I went to the gym. BUT! That’s not to say I failed completely. I also made a resolution to travel more, and 2015 involved me leaving the country for a study abroad trip to London, attending the Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake and Park City, and spending time in the KCACTF Theatre Conference in Washington, all in a matter of the first few months of the year. I hope to continue that resolution in 2016, starting with another trip to this year’s Sundance Film Festival and then the next KCACTF Conference, which will be taking place in Denver, Colorado this February. After that, I’m not sure where I’ll end up from that point on, but the world is ripe with opportunity!

I think that this year, I’m going to forgo making a bunch of lofty goals for myself, like losing ten pounds or… fifteen pounds, and instead I’m going to focus on more mental stuff. I’ve found that lately, mostly because it’s my Senior year and there’s a hundred things I need to do at any given moment, that I’m stressed out all the time, even when I’m having fun. This break it took me forever to unwind. My goal for 2016 is to start letting things go, and to stop worrying about stuff that I can’t change. That of course doesn’t mean I’m going to stop working hard towards my goals and whatnot. I just realize that if I’m always worried about what comes next, I never enjoy what’s happening in the moment. And I want to enjoy my last few months as a college kid! These last couple of years have comprised all of my favorite and happiest memories, and I want to squeeze a few more out of the place before I run off with my diploma. 

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable New Year themselves! And more than that, I hope the whole of everyone's 2016 is overwhelmingly safe and enjoyable too. I'm grateful to be rolling into this fresh year healthy and happy. There was a lot to be grateful for in 2015, and a lot to look forward to with 2016!

I'll see you guys at the gym. 

Haley Ganatos is a senior theatre major from Boise