Moray Eel

Muraenidae (Moray Eel)

Humans tend to look at the majority of eels as vicious and aggressive aquatic creatures. As for the Muraenidae family, the moray eels, they are far from it. When one looks at the moray eel, they would see an evolutionary phenomenon. A phenomenon who lives along the shores of the Indo-Pacific Ocean and hides in crevices for most of the day. They tend to live in warm freshwaters which keeps them from being harmed by global warming. The moray eels is also a creature who is neither a prey to many fish nor a predator to them as well. The strange thing is that how they ended up in the ocean waters in the first place is still a mystery today, and they are one of the only families that has not gone extinct. The Muraenidae family represents how a person should not judge a book by its cover until they read further into it. Yes, it’s appearance may frightened you but looking deeper into the creature will blow your mind.

Moray Eels

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