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Hundreds of scholarship opportunities make C of I a great value

Scholarships are considered merit-based aid and are awarded based on your achievements, recognitions and high academic standing. Scholarships are awarded based on the criteria determined by the type and criteria defined by the donor and full time enrollment.  There are several different opportunities for students to search for, apply and receive scholarships, visit Application and Form page for scholarships and other helpful information. Institutional scholarship awards (combined or individually) will not exceed the cost of tuition.

This is a brief description of the type of scholarships that may be available for you;

Endowed Scholarships- a major gift used to fund scholarships. It often honors a donor's loved one or the donor himself. The feature that most distinguishes endowed scholarships from other types of donations is that the capital in the endowed scholarship gift is preserved so that the gift can last indefinitely.

Funded Scholarships- are institutional resources restricted for student aid, such as scholarships and fellowships. They have been restricted by an outside source such as a donor or contract.

Unfunded Scholarships-are those that are awarded to students from unrestricted institutional resources.

Talent Based Scholarships- athletic, music, theatrical, vocal, debate or other talents students present, talk to the department for additional details on scholarships they may have available.

Merit Scholarship- available to persons based on academic qualifications. Student’s eligibility for institutional merit scholarship determined by the Admission Office using a matrix system based on Grade Point Average, Test Scores and/or transfer credits and GPA (to insure equality in the evaluation process). 

Other Scholarship Offerings- Scholarship offerings at The College of Idaho include but are not limited to:

External Scholarships- students apply for external scholarships outside of The College of Idaho, the Financial Aid office tries to present opportunities as they are received.  Criteria for awarding External Scholarships are determined by the donor or organization, the Financial Aid office ensures the award and criteria is met upon awarding the funds.  When a student is presented with a scholarship please provide the Financial Aid office a copy with a notification so that we may reflect this amount on the student  award package.

Idaho State Board of Education Scholarship Opportunities