CFEO Scholarships

In fall 2012, The College of Idaho and the Caldwell Foundation for Educational Opportunity entered into a Matching Scholarship Agreement to assist students from Caldwell High School and Canyon Springs High School enrolling at The College of Idaho. The hope is that more scholarships will become available and be awarded as a result of this partnership, and that funding will be available to retain students for all four years of study.

The College of Idaho has commited to matching up to $2,000 in additional scholarship funds to those CFEO scholarships awarded by the CFEO to high school seniors from the Caldwell School District who enroll at the C of I.  Those scholarships are as follows:

  • Gini Rosandick Orchestra Scholarship
  • The Caldwell High School Class of 1954 Scholarship
  • Theodore (TED) W. Gruver Memorial Scholarship
  • Class of 1951 Scholarship
  • Class of 1977 Scholarship
  • CHS Class of 1978 Scholarship
  • CFEO Academic Scholarship Award
  • CFEO Education Career Scholarship Award
  • West Valley Medical Staff Scholarship
  • First Amended Ring Family Scholarship
  • Dr. Julian Hoff Academic Health or Music Career Scholarship
  • First Amended Jaunice Wanders Memorial Scholarship
  • The First Amended Staphen Balkley Memorial Scholarship
  • Third Amended Charlie Alvaro Memorial Scholarship

For more information on how to apply for a CFEO scholarship, please visit their website at