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Pumpkin and Pie

If I’m not on campus, I’m usually visiting downtown Boise. But once in a while, a weekend outing will keep me closer to the College. Such was last weekend, which found me in nearby Nampa and Marsing. I was on the hunt for two things: a pumpkin, and some pie.

Getting Out of a Flu Funk

Normally, once I’m at C of I, I like to stay put. That means I don’t go home until fall break, and all I concentrate on is school. Not so, this year.

The beauty of unity

I had the opportunity of attending Margarette and Kevney's wedding and it was absolutely beautiful.

The Beauty of Giving

A lot of us get some sort of financial aid to cover our college tuition but we rarely look at how that affects our attitudes.  

During the summer break, I had the option of either staying in the U.S. and getting a campus job or going home. I would have had to get airfare and find a job back in Lesotho which would not even pay me half as much as what I would be getting in the U.S. Nonetheless, I flew home.  

August Angst

August is a month that I usually hate. It’s too hot, the novelty of sleeping in till 10 is gone, and I’ve temporarily exhausted my ability to read for hours at a time. Add an eagerness for school to resume to that mix, and you can see why August is normally a bad month for me.

The Mighty I-20

I just wish to illustrate how important that little piece of paper that we call the I-20 is.

I Am Retail Robin

The majority of my summer to date has not been spent on exciting trips to foreign lands, spontaneous adventures with a bunch of my closest friends, or even being as lazy as possible. I would absolutely love to do all of those things, of course, but the fact remains that life is a pretty expensive adventure by itself. It's the never ending cycle of financial responsibility--you need money to do stuff, and you must do stuff to get money.

Step Into My Office...

I checked the weather for Caldwell the other day, and I have to say that I am glad to be kicking it in 80 degree weather in my home state of Oregon rather than in the triple digits. Luckily, the desert will be getting just about managable for a rainforest inhabitant like myself by the time school rolls around. 

No Heat In My Summer

This being my first blog post, it is a little introduction of who I am and where I am from.

I am a sophomore majoring in International Political Economy and my name is Keneuoe Mphutlane. It really sounds like “click click” to a lot of my friends at the C of I and I usually have to say it 5 times and change it just to make them feel better. I am from a small kingdom in the south of Africa called Lesotho and the youngest of 6 girls.

Voyages of a C of I Blogger

Blogging: the final frontier.


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