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That Man Boone by H.H. Hayman

That Man Boone is the authorized biography of William Judson Boone written by H.H. Hayman. It includes the establishment of The College of Idaho by  Dr. William Judson Boone.

"Once in a great while a man lives a good life. Such a man was Dr. William Judson Boone, founder of the College of Idaho, and president of that institution for forty-four years.

It was said of Dr. Boone that "all who knew him loved him," and that he was full of the "milk of human kindness." A jolly, companionable, lovable person, the townspeople of Caldwell, and the students of the college felt the graciousness and nobility of his mind and his spirit, and he has been given a special place in their hearts and memory.

This book, as a biography, records the facts of his life, but it is more than a record, it is a warm and glowing tribute to a man whose simple honesty, humility, courage, and unselfish service to his fellowmen will always be remembered by those who knew him.

Dr. William Judson Boone came to Idaho in 1887 as home missionary for the Presbyterian Church of Caldwell. Soon he extended his missionary work to include outlying communities among the sagebrush-covered hills. In 1891, he established the College of Idaho. Two students were enrolled that September to be taught by a faculty of seven members.

In this book can be visualized the difficulties and the poverty which were a part of every undertaking in the isolated western settlements. Here also can be realized the unquenchable spirit which gave the inspiration to achieve cultural growth impetus. Men and women made cheerful sacrifices to provide their children with religious and educational opportunities. Evidence of their hard work appears today in permanent institutions such as the College of Idaho.

Dr. Herbert H. Hayman, who knew Dr. Boone intimately over a period of many years, has presented an unforgettable life-story of a great-hearted man with the history of the college he founded."