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Academic Advising

First-Year Advising

The professional staff advises students in their first academic year at The College of Idaho of the PEAK Center who is specially trained to assist students in navigating the unique challenges the first year of college can bring. Throughout a student's first year at the College, they meet with their First-Year Advisors multiple times to plan and register for courses. Together, an advisor and student will:

  • Explore the student's interests and career goals
  • Navigate class registration
  • Connect students with other appropriate campus support resources
  • Transition students to an advisor (faculty member) in their major field of study at the end of their first academic year

Common Advising Questions

When can I select majors and minors?

It is important that each student be critically thinking about what they want their academic passport to success to look like during Fall term. Major/Minor declarations are due in January of your first year and you will work with your advisor closely to have support in making this decision. That being said, no one is ‘stuck’ in the major/minor program they choose. We highly recommend reaching out to the Academic Advising office if you are questioning or struggling with your academic program.

How do I register for my classes?

Please utilize this step-by-step handout to help you register for classes using Self Service. (PDF)

If you need help checking your math placement, click here (PDF), and to help plan your academic timeline, click here (PDF)

How do I buy books for my classes?

While we do have a fabulous Yote Merchandise Store (that you can check out here), we do not have a book store on campus. All books are sold online through this website. You can also find your textbooks using other websites that have the appropriate products available. Some professors have their textbooks on reserve in the library, as well.

Do I have to take First-Year Seminar and Civilization courses?

Every student will have a First-Year Seminar (FYS-101) and a Western/World Civilization course (HIS-110/111/112) on their schedule. These are graduation requirements and must be taken in your first year. We believe in the benefits of cohort-style learning, so you will notice familiar faces in these classes as each section of the First-Year Seminar is associated with a specific section of the Western/World Civilization courses.

What do I do if I am struggling?

The transition and life at college can be difficult for any student for a variety of reasons. Whether you are struggling academically, mentally/emotionally, physically, or a combination of things, there are a multitude of support services dedicated to you as a student at The College of Idaho. We stand by our promise to provide inclusive support to all members of our YoteFam! You are welcome to come to us for direction about where to go for the appropriate source of help, or please use this link to find our student support resources under the “Get Resources” section of the webpage.

Introduction to PEAK

PEAK eliminates the "cafeteria" approach to a core curriculum in which students simply check off requirements. PEAK empowers you to make your own choices about which courses to take, but within a structure that encourages literacy in multiple fields.