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Grants Resources

Grant Funds at The College of Idaho

At the center of the College’s mission is the concept of the teacher-scholar — a gifted, dedicated teacher whose work in the classroom is enhanced by deep professional training and an ongoing commitment to scholarship.

The College has established a fund to spur research by reinvesting recovered indirect costs. This fund supports summer grant-writing stipends, sabbatical research, student-faculty collaboration, and other scholarly activities.

All Grant Proposals Require Approval

If your grant proposal (or preproposal) requires the College to commit to or support the work in any way, the proposal requires approval before it can be submitted. Examples of College commitment include signature by an authorized organizational representative or other official, funds administered by the College, commitment of time and effort (yours or students' or employees'), equipment (including computers) or space, development of a course, College matching funds or in-kind contributions, and other conditions.

The forms needed for grant approval and submission and the signatures that are required vary from grant to grant. In general, all grants require review by the Grants Office and VP-level approvals and institutional grants also require approval by the Co-Presidents.

Internal routing forms for authorization and submission of proposals and other supporting documents are available on the Grant Forms and Documents page.