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Personal Safety

Tips to Stay Safe

  • Phone numbers for Campus Safety and the Student Advocates can be found on the back of all College identification cards.

  • Always be alert and aware of your surroundings and show a confident attitude.

  • All suspicious activity should be reported to the Campus Safety Department (ext. 5151 or 208-459-5151) on-campus or Caldwell Police Dispatch (208-454-7531) off-campus. Timely reports of information make it easier for the police to gather critical evidence and increase the odds of recovering stolen property and successfully prosecuting a criminal.

  • Avoid walking alone at night. Walk with a group or call Campus Safety for an escort. If you must walk alone please make sure to use well-lighted paths and sidewalks and take the most direct route.

  • Keep your room and vehicle doors locked. Do not prop open residence doors, even when going to the shower - this is an invitation for trespassers.

  • Do not lend your keys or ID card, even to your friends. Not everyone will take the same care as you.

  • Report all maintenance problems (broken locks, windows, etc.) to your RA immediately.

  • Attend Security Awareness programs held on campus for valuable information and safety tips.

  • Use crosswalks and pedestrian crossing signals to safely cross streets.

  • Be aware of campus and local crime trends. You are your best protection. Educate yourself.