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Mail & Copy Center

Located on the lower level of McCain Student Center, the Mail & Copy Center is the central hub for all mail handling, parcel shipping and receiving, office supplies, and specialty print jobs on campus. Every student, academic department, and the administrative department has an individual mailbox with postal and package receiving services.

The Mail & Copy Center is open weekdays during the school year. Summer hours are typically shorter, so please call for information. Packages, supplies, and print jobs are available during regular hours, while all mailboxes are accessible 24 hours a day with your mail key and ID card for building access.

Sending Mail and Packages to Campus

Need to send something to a person or department? Need to receive your books or goodies? All mail sent to campus uses the same address format. Note that this isn't a PO Box and should be entered as a regular street address. If an online form won't allow the box number, try using # instead of "Box". Likewise, if there's no room for the College's name just leave it out and keep the recipient's.

Recipient's Name
The College of Idaho
2112 Cleveland Blvd Box NNN
Caldwell ID 83605-4432

Supplies and Services

The Mail & Copy Center sells a variety of office supplies and services. Students and employees can pay by cash, credit card, and check. Departments can pay by interdepartmental transfer.

Stop by for:

  • Stamps and metered postage
  • Shipping via UPS, FedEx, and USPS
  • Custom, high-quality printing
  • Document binding and laminating
  • Specialty paper stock
  • Business card and name tags
  • Dry erase markers, tape, staples, and sticky notes
  • Special supply orders

Many of these items or services can also be purchased online with our order form. Use the button at the top of the page to submit your order now for pick-up later.

Tips for Students

  1. Check your mail regularly. There is no delivery of mail or packages to the dormitories and you'll only receive email notification of packages that do not fit in your mailbox. All standard mail will be placed in your mailbox.
  2. Carry your mailbox key. You can access your mailbox at any time with your ID card access to the building. Due to COVID-19 concerns, we can not check your mailbox for you at this time.
  3. We will accept packages for students from all carriers and you will receive a notification when your package is ready to be picked up. Please wait until you receive a notification from the Mail Center, as notifications from the carriers are not always accurate and we need time to process the packages through our system.
  4. Your mailbox is assigned to you for the entire time you are at the College. You are required to return your key when you depart, including leave of absences and internships. You must also turn in your key when you graduate. If you lose your key you will be charged a $10 replacement fee. Failure to return your mailbox key when you depart from the College will result in a $50 fine and a hold on your student account until paid.