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The College of Idaho offers students a deep and expansive intellectual grounding in all kinds of humanistic inquiry – that’s the traditional liberal arts education we are so well-known for; and through the HIP Division, we couple that with:

- An opportunity for you to use and apply that liberal arts foundation outside the confines of the traditional classroom; but still
- Inside the purview of faculty or expert tutelage, guiding your implementation of classroom learning in demanding and meaningful practical experiences.

So, at the College, a high-impact practice is a distinctive, programmatic, and time-intensive endeavor that is available to a broad range of students regardless of major/minor focus. Examples include: 

- Study away/off-campus programs led by College faculty and experts
- In-depth, collaborative scholarly research among College faculty and students
- The College's outdoor education program that emphasizes leadership development, environmental awareness, and stewardship; and
- Field-based experiential learning opportunities either on-campus or off-campus with community partners and businesses, which include our work program, our service-learning program, and our internship program.

Explore more about our HIP Division on our internal YOTE HIPs site or contact the HIP Division at [email protected].