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Why Study Philosophy & Religious Studies at The College of Idaho?

The department offers a major and a minor both in Philosophy and in Religious Studies. Recent graduates have combined either philosophy or religion with fields as diverse as biology, history, music, chemistry, English, and political science. Our faculty encourages such creative combinations, and internships in religious studies or philosophy often are cross-disciplinary with another field.

Majors & Minors


College of Idaho philosophy majors can emphasize areas such as ethics and the analytic tradition. Independent studies can be arranged for an in-depth exploration of special topics of interest. The religious studies curriculum offers specialties in comparative approaches to religious traditions, ethics, and issues in science and the environment. Regardless of the emphasis chosen by the student, the department affirms the wisdom of the maxim that "Those who know only one religious tradition know none."

Career Opportunities for Philosophy & Religious Studies Majors and Minors

A major in philosophy provides excellent preparation for graduate work in law, ethics, religious studies, philosophy, and other fields in which reasoning and argumentation skills or ability to work at a high level of critical thinking are important. Likewise a major in religious studies is beneficial for these areas in addition to ministry, social work, medicine, education, or other careers. By pairing study of philosophy or religious studies with another discipline, the College’s PEAK curriculum opens a wide range of career and graduate school opportunities to our students.