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Auditioning for Theatre Scholarships

Theatre Scholarship Auditions

Theatre Students seeking a Theatre scholarship may submit materials or audition in acting, design and technical, and playwriting. Applicants should follow these guidelines when preparing an audition or portfolio.

Auditions for Theatre scholarships in the fall of 2021 will be conducted remotely. To register for an audition, click the button at the top of the page and select the "virtual" option at the bottom of the registration form. Further questions should be directed to Edith Dull.


Prepare and memorize two monologues contrasting in mood and style for an audition. One monologue must be classical (preferably Shakespeare) and the other contemporary. Pieces should be from acceptable, published works and may not be stand-up routines, screenplays or original works. Each monologue should last about a minute.

Bring a brief resume to the audition listing productions in which the applicant appeared and the specific roles played; the place or organization where the production was produced; other positions held in theatre productions, such as crew or marketing; and any awards or honors received.

Design and Technical

Applicants for design and technical consideration must submit a brief resume listing: 

  • Productions in which the application has been responsible for an aspect of design, such as set, costume or lighting.
  • Specific work performed.
  • Place or organization where the production was produced.
  • Any awards or honors received.

Additionally, please bring to the audition a portfolio containing examples, photos or drawings of your designs and the finished product.


Playwrights should bring a portfolio containing samples of their writing, including both drafts and finished scripts. If any of the work has been produced then the portfolio should also contain examples of the produced work, like production photos, programs and playbills. Please include a brief resume listing places or organizations where the production was produced and any awards or honors received.