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Honor Code

The Honor Code System is a philosophy of conduct rooted in honesty, integrity, and understanding, that allows members of a diverse student body to live together, interact and learn from one another in ways that protect both personal freedom and community standards.

The College of Idaho Honor Code System consists of two complementary parts: An Academic Honor Code that focuses solely on upholding academic integrity and proscribing lying, cheating, and stealing in matters pertaining to college business, and a Student Life Honor Code that deals with all other aspects of the student experience.

The Academic Honor Code will be signed by all students, upheld campus wide, and adjudicated by an elected Student Judicial Committee, trained by qualified Student Affairs Staff and experienced student leaders.

The Student Life Honor Code deals with all other aspects of student life. The Student Life Honor Code will be enforced primarily by the student community, supported by administrative staff. Sanctions will be adjudicated by the same Student Judicial Committee. There are two sub-sections of the Student Life Honor Code. The first is the Student Handbook that articulates behavioral expectations within the campus community. The second is residential. At present, two residence halls have become Honor Residence Halls. Under the general umbrella of the Student Handbook, they are empowered to develop their own community standards and expectations, and their own means of adjudicating violations of those standards within the Honor Hall.

Academic Honor Code

The Code

The College of Idaho is a community of integrity; therefore, we, the students, seek to promulgate a community in which integrity is valued, expected, and practiced. We are honor bound to refrain from cheating, stealing, or lying about College-related business. We are obligated to examine our own actions in light of their effect on the community, and we are responsible to address any violations of these community standards.

The Pledge

All course work submitted for evaluation is pledged with the student's signature: I pledge that this work was completed with academic integrity.


Any changes to the Academic Honor Code must be approved by a student referendum subject, of course, to Board approval.