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Advising for Transfer Students

Advising and Registration timeline(s)

Please click this link for information regarding a tentative timeline for your first year at the College, as well as additional information. Also, click here to find a blank Peak plan template for transfer students.

Preparing for your first advising meeting

The Academic Advising Office seeks to provide all transfer students with the smoothest transition into our YoteFam community. As a team, we work strategically and collaboratively to connect you with a faculty member from your chosen area of discipline early in your time at the College. While not required, building a positive and authentic relationship with your academic advisor enhances your individual growth as a student and helps foster a connection to campus. To encourage a fluent advising process, there are some important topics we have put together for you to consider:

  • You will be asked to sign an advising agreement that outlines the expectations for both the advisor and advisee. It might be helpful to at least look over this document prior to the first advising meeting and bring questions (if you have any) with you.
  • Being that we place you in certain math or science courses based off of your test scores and transcripts from your previous institution, it is be beneficial for both you and your advisor if you are knowledgeable about your educational background.
  • Utilize the Undergraduate Catalog to browse the College’s major and minor offerings for this catalog year. This will help you get a better understanding about how to connect your interests and goals with our PEAK curriculum. Don’t get too worried about specifics! We are here to help you develop your own unique passport to success!
  • Conversations between an advisor and advisee as well as educational records are confidential per FERPA. If you foresee a party outside of yourself or your advisor needing to discuss any matter related to advising, you will want to make sure that there has been appropriate documentation, which can be found on this page, completed to allow for any information to be shared to a desired party.
  • Please take time to review Self-Service. This is the platform the College utilizes for students to register for classes among many other institutional processes and it will be imperative that you become comfortable with it. We have provided a guide in the FAQs sidebar of this page if you are seeking additional help.

Schedule building information

As professional staff in Academic Advising, we utilize a variety of information to inform how we build each individual student’s schedule. Some of the materials we rely on include the Pre-Registration Questionnaire, transcripts from previous institutions you have attended and/or your high school, and test scores (such as AP, ACT, SAT, etc. if applicable). As a transfer student, it is imperative that you provide this information as your pathway to graduation is highly contextual to each individual student. We will rely on official transfer equivalency reports from the Registrar’s office to build your schedule! Something standard for all of our transfer students is to engage in a Transfer Seminar and Civilization courses that allows for cohorts to form, encourages community learning, and also happen to be two classes that are graduation requirements. Our goal for students in building their schedule is that we start them down the best initial path that allows for a smooth adjustment to the College and leads each student to success, no matter how many changes might happen along the way.