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Learning Support & Disability Services

The College of Idaho seeks to provide an educational environment that appropriately supports learning and disability needs of students. The Learning Support and Disability Services Department facilitates services for students who have a physical, learning, psychological, developmental or neurological disability. Students with disabilities are encouraged to notify the College of potential ADA or 504 status during the admission process.

The Learning Support & Disability Services Director will meet with students who indicate they have disabilities to help the student arrange for reasonable accommodations and identify off-campus sources of support.

To Obtain Services, a Student Must:

  • Submit a written request for accommodations to the Learning Support & Disability Services office indicating the diagnosis and the types of accommodations the student desires. Requests should be made as soon as possible after notification of admission.
  • Submit appropriate documentation of the diagnosed disability from a qualified treatment provider. This documentation must indicate the nature, extent and the academic implications of the disability. This documentation must also indicate the types of accommodation and services the student is currently receiving. The assessment must have been completed within the last three years.
  • Provide a signed release of information form that allows the college to communicate with the student’s doctors and service providers for the purpose of providing requested accommodations. It is also recommended that students sign the FERPA release during summer orientation.
  • Provide contact information for the doctors and service providers listed on the release of information form.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Director of Learning Support & Disability Services either by calling (208) 459-5141 or by contacting an Admission Counselor. The College prefers to collect the information cited here, and then meet with the student. This meeting may occur when the student is on campus for summer orientation.
  • Students are encouraged to establish positive working relationships with their professors regarding the development and implementation of their accommodations, including differences in opinions. Should the student and professor be unable to reach an agreement on how the accommodations will be implemented in the class, the student is encouraged to seek out the Learning Support and Disability Services Department to help facilitate a mutual decision. The College of Idaho has an established procedure for a student to file a grievance if they feel all issues have not been resolved satisfactorily. Forms may be obtained by contacting the Learning Support and Disability Services Department at 459-5141 or emailing [email protected]

NOTE: The College will not ignore or excuse behavioral manifestations (in conflict with College expectations or code of conduct) resulting from such disorders. The College holds all students to the same standards of performance and behaviors.