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Observance of Religious Holidays

The College of Idaho values the rich diversity of spiritual expression and practice found among its campus community and promotes a campus community of unrestricted academic inquiry, free religious expression and an environment in which diverse faith perspectives are practiced with dialogue and respect. It is therefore the policy of the College that students who miss class, assignments, or exams to observe a religious holiday are eligible for reasonable accommodations as outlined in The College's Student Handbook.

Accommodations for observance of religious holidays will not be retroactively activated.  As such, students must inform the Department of Accessibility & Learning Excellence (DALE) of their need to observe a religious holiday reasonably well in advance of the absence, preferably at the beginning of the term/semester by completing the Religious Holiday Accommodation Request Form.

Upon receipt of the completed form, DALE will review, and if approved, will electronically send a Faculty Notification Letter to the relevant faculty member(s) and to the student.

Ultimately, if the accommodation request is approved, the student is responsible for all material covered and all assignments given in class during their absence and must work with each individual faculty member as soon as possible to complete any required work.