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Home School Students

Students with a home school background are welcome at The College of Idaho, and their number continues to grow. We find that most of our home-schooled students have the ability to "think outside the box" and work independently — exactly the attributes you'll need to succeed here.

Many homeschoolers apply during their junior year of high school. Since you're eligible for financial aid at the College, getting a jump-start on your application may entitle you to better scholarship packages than those who wait to apply later in the year. Scholarships are based on your achievements, test scores, honors or Advanced Placement (AP) exams you've taken, and any community involvement you completed.

To apply, you'll need to provide the following documentation.

  • List of subjects learned and corresponding grades, if available. This document is also referred to as an Official Transcript.
    • No required format. A quick Google search will allow you to view different template options if you are unsure where to start. You may also check with a local or in-state regional high school.
    • Official Transcripts may be emailed to the Admission Office or your Admission Counselor by an instructor, registrar, or parent, not the applicant.
  • Course descriptions.
  • SAT and/or ACT scores.
  • Two recommendations from adults with whom you have worked in a job, church, leadership or community service capacity.
  • An essay from one of our application writing prompts.

Since you don't have a traditional high school transcript we need to have something to compare you to other students coming from traditional schools. This is where the SAT and ACT standardized tests come into play and provide a good standard for comparison.

Your essay is also a very important part of your application. We have several pre-selected topics from which you can choose, or you can write about why you and your family chose to home-school and how you have matured and grown as a result. Basically, we want to know about you and review your ability to express yourself.

For more information, or to submit the supplementary materials requested above, please get in touch with your admission counselor.