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Making Payments and Receiving Aid

Making Payments

For information about making payments to the College, including online account access, due dates, and interest-free payment plans, please see the Financial Arrangements and Payment Options section on our Cost to Attend page.

Receiving Financial Aid Disbursements

Most of the awards that appear on the Financial Aid Award Notification are automatically applied to student accounts upon acceptance in Self Service. Certain types of financial aid are applied at different times after the money is received or earned.

  • Outside scholarships are applied when the scholarship check is received by us. Students should notify the Office of Student Financial Aid Services if they expect to receive outside scholarships. While the scholarship won't be applied until the money is received, Financial Aid staff members will know to watch for its arrival.
  • Federal, state, and College work-study earnings are paid directly to students by check as they earn the money. Work-study funds are not deposited to student accounts, so the student must make their own payments if they want to apply those funds towards tuition and fees. Remember, these are potential earnings and are not guaranteed.
  • Federal PLUS Loans are applied directly to student accounts if the lender participates in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). If not, the funds will be applied to accounts after the check is endorsed and returned to the College by the borrowing parent.
  • Tentative awards on the Award Letter, including Pell or state grants, must be finalized before credit will appear student accounts. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services if you do not know what paperwork needs to be turned in to finalize your award.