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Undergraduate Scholarships

One of the best ways to help pay for college is with scholarship funds. Scholarships can be awarded for any number of reasons, from exemplary academic performance to financial need to being a member of a certain group or organization. The best part about scholarships is that they don't need to be paid back when you graduate.

Scholarships are awarded based on criteria set by the donor or sponsoring organization, including the College's own internal scholarships. Students must be enrolled full-time and monitor requirements needed to maintain their scholarships.  If a student does not continue to meet the requirements, like a minimum GPA or a specific course of study, they will be given one probationary semester to recover. If the requirements are again not met following the probationary semester the student's scholarship may be discontinued. Institutional scholarship awards given directly by the College will not exceed the cost of tuition, either individually or when combined. For additional requirements, students should consult their financial aid award letter or the sponsor of the scholarship.

Students can apply for external scholarships, where the scholarship is awarded and given by a group outside the College, or for institutional scholarships, where the College selects the students and awards funds.