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About Dr. Gabriella Bellissimo

Personal Statement

In Fall 2023, I joined The College of Idaho as an Assistant Professor, teaching Exercise Physiology lectures, labs, and Human Health and Wellness courses. I am grateful for the Yote family's welcoming embrace and find the culture at this college unparalleled.

As an Exercise Physiologist, I aim to overcome exercise barriers by tackling challenges such as time constraints and equipment accessibility. My research focuses on creating practical exercise strategies applicable to diverse populations in real-life situations. My initial project delved into stair climbing interval training on obesity and insulin resistance. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a shift towards investigating versatile bodyweight exercise. My studies on bodyweight interval training have displayed promise in simultaneously enhancing aerobic capacity and muscular strength. I am dedicated to fostering student curiosity and creativity through undergraduate research projects at C of I. Beyond teaching, I love family time, hiking, coaching, and CrossFit.

Professional Experience

Gabriella completed a B.S. in Health Fitness and Rehabilitative Programs with a minor in Exercise Science (2012) and a Master of Arts in Exercise Physiology (2015) from Central Michigan University. She earned her Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology (2023) from The University of New Mexico. The mentors throughout her educational journeys and careers in the health allied field have provided her with extraordinary experiences, working as a lecturer, exercise physiologist (in cardiac rehab and weight loss clinics), laboratory physiologist, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. She has spoken at conferences organized by the American College of Sports Medicine and the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo. She is certified as an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, and CrossFit Level 2 Coach.


  • Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, University of New Mexico (2023)
  • M.A., Exercise Physiology, Central Michigan University (2015)
  • B.S., Health Fitness and Rehabilitative Programs, Central Michigan University (2012)


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