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Winter 2022/COVID-19 Updates: The College continues full in-person learning with indoor masking required. Read More

The health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff are top priorities at The College of Idaho. As vaccines have become more readily available, the College has adopted a COVID-19 vaccination policy. Click here to read the College's policy and frequently asked questions, including key links. Questions about other immunizations can be answered here. Not finding what you're looking for? Contact us.

In early January, Dean of Students Paul Bennion and Provost David Douglass gave an update to the campus community that had both positive news and cause for caution as it relates to the COVID pandemic. Read their statement here.

We will retain the beneficial aspects of what we learned during the pandemic, but advancing to Phase 6 allows all of us to resume in-person classes, labs, clubs, activities, dining, athletics, etc. However, due to recent recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), students, employees, and visitors will be required to wear masks in all indoor public settings on campus. This includes all campus buildings. You can read more about the adjustment to Phase 6 here.

We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and are in regular contact with health officials to ensure the safest, most secure environment. We ask members of the YoteFam to remain diligent in honoring the YotePact to ensure we are able to see our goals through. The YotePact is our collective commitment to keeping The College of Idaho and local communities as healthy and safe as possible. Please read our YotePact here.

The College has maintained an archive of information, dating back to March 2020, about the pandemic and its effects on the YoteFam.

COVID Dashboard (Updated Jan. 20, 2022)


Positive Tests Positive - Recovered Positive/Presumptive in On-Campus Isolation Housing Positive/Presumptive Recovering Off-Campus 
149 125 10 14


Positive Tests Positive - Recovered Positive/Presumptive in On-Campus Isolation Housing Positive/Presumptive Recovering Off-Campus 
25 20 0 5


The College applied for and was awarded funding under Section 18004(e) of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act):

5/2020 - CARES Act Notification (PDF)
7/2020 - CARES Act Notification (PDF)
9/2020 - Quarterly Budget & Expenditure Notifications (PDF)
10/2020 - CARES Act Notification (PDF)
1/2021 - CARES Act Notification (PDF)
2/2021 - CARES Act Notification (PDF)
3/2021 - Quarterly Budget & Expenditure Notifications (PDF)
6/2021 - CARES Act Notification (PDF)
6/2021 - Quarterly Budget & Expenditure Notifications (PDF)
9/2021 - CARES Act Notification (PDF)
9/2021 - Quarterly Budget & Expenditure Notifications (PDF)
9/2021 - REVISED Quarterly Budget & Expenditure Notifications (PDF)
12/2021 - CARES Act Notification (PDF)