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Many donors ask The College of Idaho to decide the best use of their gift — these are unrestricted gifts which we call the Boone Fund, our annual fund. Other donors direct how they would like their gifts to be used, such as for endowed scholarships, faculty chairs, student programs, or new or renovated facilities.

If you're mailing a donation check, please direct it to the Development Office, Box 49.

Gift Opportunities

Boone Fund

The Boone Fund is the unrestricted fund at The College of Idaho. The unrestricted designation allows the College to allocate these funds to the most pressing needs of the institution. Gifts are used for scholarships, student programs, maintenance of the campus and facilities. Current students rely on the Boone Fund to enable and enhance their education.

Capital Projects

Each year, the College takes on various capital projects to enhance our campus and facilities. Most recently we completed the Cruzen-Murray Library along with upgrading Wolfe Field and Finney Hall. Please contact Jack Cafferty for a complete list of Capital Projects needing financial support.

Coyote Athletic Association (CAA)

The Coyote Athletic Association allows our student athletes to thrive. All funds contributed to the CAA help cover the cost of running athletics programs, allowing for future generations of Yotes to continue competing.

For more information, contact Reagan Rossi.


The College of Idaho's Crowdfunding site is designed to help the school take on smaller projects with the help of smaller donations from a large number (a "crowd," so to speak) of donors.  The first Crowdfunding project the College undertook was to fund the repair of the Clocktower in the Morrison Quad on campus and, with the help of many generous supporters, the goal was met well before the deadline.


The College of Idaho’s endowment remains the foundation of the institution, and we are consistently working hard to grow the College’s endowment to new heights. We offer many opportunities to create a unique endowment gift at the College, such as endowing an academic or athletic program, student scholarship, technical support and more.

For more information, contact Jack Cafferty.


Scholarships allow students the opportunity to come to The College of Idaho at an affordable price. Thanks to many generous donors, The College of Idaho is proud to have over 140 endowed scholarships that are offered to students every year. Every scholarship that is awarded makes a huge difference for the future of our students. We currently offer donors an opportunity to contribute to an endowed scholarship ($25,000+) and current-use scholarships at varying levels. Please contact Jack Cafferty for more information on beginning your scholarship.

Mike Shines Endowment

On Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019, The College of Idaho announced the formation of the Mike Shines Endowment. Mike is the long-time Director of the Aquatic Center and Strength Coach, but is much more than that.