Incident Report

This form submits an incident report to The College of Idaho Campus Safety department. This will initiate an investigation.

The College of Idaho places a strong emphasis on confidentiality, but anonymity cannot be guaranteed in reports involving the safety of the community, and/or incidents involving actions that violate state or federal law. All information provided in this report becomes an educational record and may be used as documentation in any college or criminal proceeding.

If you would like to maintain strict confidentiality, you may contact the Counseling Center (208) 459-5561, Student Advocates (208) 459-5555 or Campus Minister (208) 459-5282.

This mailbox is not monitored continuously.

FOR A CRIME IN PROGRESS, or if you believe you or another person is in IMMINENT DANGER, DIAL 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY and 208-459-5151.

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*optional - anonymous reporting of incidents is allowed but discouraged, because it limits the ability of the office to gather further information and adequately address the issue

Incident Information

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Once a report has been received, the Office of Campus Safety, in consultation with the Dean of Students, will review and investigate the report to determine an appropriate course of action.

If you have any questions with regard to filing an incident report, please contact Allan Laird, Director of Campus Safety, at (208) 459-5151 or [email protected].