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ASCI Senate to Cover Community with Blankets

December 9, 2022
Blanket Project

With finals looming, students at The College of Idaho took a break Thursday evening to help their community. Not just the campus community, but the greater Caldwell community.

Led by a group of student senators – Carrie Vinci, Max Hollomon, Liliana Martinez and Elijah Phillis – several blankets were created by students to be given to less-fortunate members of the public.

The Associated Students of The College of Idaho (ASCI) community relations committee came up with the idea as a way to strengthen the bond between the College and the city of Caldwell. Students arrived in the McCain Student Center, were handed a pair of scissors and two yards of fabric, and then asked to cut and tie the edges to create a double-layered fleece blanket to be donated to people in need in Caldwell.

The money for the supplies was allocated from a fund that comes from student fees. The committee decided they could create a higher-quality blanket than they could simply buy with the money they were allocated.

“Most blankets we could've gotten for a similar price would have been much smaller and much thinner than the ones that we had made ourselves last night,” said Vinci, a senior majoring in biology. “It was great team bonding for our senators to come together, sit around a common project, and do something other than school for a while. So, while tedious, I would say it was a good event.”

And more impactful, too, as the committee was given more resources than it originally asked for.

“During the second reading of the order, the (ASCI) senate unanimously agreed to double the originally-asked budget as the student representatives all felt passionately about giving back to the community that we get to call home for four years,” said Vinci.

The senator who led the charge to double the budget, senior Imad Ametspahic, had his eye on the blanket proposal from the moment he saw the docket of items to be discussed.

“Temperatures in the valley dropping will affect a great amount of Caldwell residents, and 32 blankets will make a huge impact, but only half as much as 64 would,” said Ametspahic, who is double-majoring in political economy and marketing & digital media. “Initially, I wanted an even higher increase, and while I was sure that the Senate would approve it, the ability to satisfy the manpower required to make the blankets in time could come into question.”

The work will continue for the next week to complete the project. Once finished, the committee will deliver the blankets to the Caldwell Community Library to be distributed.

“I’m proud of our team and am very fortunate to work amongst passionate and incredible leaders at the College,” said Camille Massaad, the ASCI student-body president. “They all have meaningful impact on the YoteFam and the culture among this campus.”

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