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College of Idaho Statements regarding Hate-Vandalism Event on Campus June 23, 2020

June 24, 2020

Late Tuesday night, June 23, The College of Idaho was victim to a hate crime in the form of the vandalization of pride flags that had been placed on various buildings across campus. The flags were originally placed as part of a celebration of Pride month on Monday night, June 22, organized by students and attended by many across the campus community and beyond.

The College’s Campus Safety team responded to the initial report of the vandalism and the Caldwell Police Department is investigating. No suspects have been identified. The College has removed the graffiti, which consisted of desecrated pride flags and a spray-painted comment on the sidewalk near Sterry Hall.

Co-Presidents Doug Brigham and Jim Everett have issued the following statement:

“As you all know, there was an ugly act of hate on our campus last night. An act of hatred against one of us is an act against all of us. It was vandalism and it included the words ‘Not in My Town.’ This is our town and our campus and there is no place for hate here.

“We live, work, study and play here. We are more committed than ever to making our campus a safe place for all. It is a safe place in which everyone must feel welcome, where we value the opportunity to learn from one another and from diverse perspectives, cultures and lived experiences. We are Yotes and we are a pack that stands and works together. We will not be deterred on our efforts to be the most welcoming campus and community on earth. There is work to be done and we will continue to engage in that work every day. Love wins every time.”

Likewise, upon hearing the news of the hate vandalism, Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas expressed his support for The College of Idaho community. “Crime of any kind will not be tolerated in the City of Caldwell,” Nancolas said. “Hate crimes especially have no place in our beautiful city. Every person, no matter their race, gender, orientation or economic status deserves to be treated with kindness, respect, and the pure love of Christ. We love our College and all its students, and we value immensely the contributions the College continually brings to our community.”

Among the organizers of the pride event on campus Monday night was the College’s Gender Sexuality Campus Alliance (GSCA), which issued the following statement following the act of hate:

“The Gender Sexuality Campus Alliance (GSCA) wholeheartedly condemns any hateful actions, large or small, which are targeted towards the LGBTQ+ community. To fellow members of our community, we want you to know that we are there for you, regardless of your identity or if you are out or not. To our allies, we encourage you to take a stand against actions of hate whenever you can. Our community is hurting and seeing your support for LGBTQ+ causes means more than you know.”  

The Associated Students of the College of Idaho (ASCI) Executive Council also expressed support for the campus community in their statement:

“This act of hate is atrocious and holds no place here on our campus. Our Executive Council feels immense sorrow for our LGBTQ+ community and the rest of the individuals cherished in our community. In this time of trouble and sorrow, there is a silver lining. This is a teaching moment. We have learned that just being an ‘ally’ is not enough to protect our LGBTQ+ community. As budding scholars, we know how just how interconnected the fights for racial justice and LGBTQ justice are. It is our responsibility to ensure that safety is paramount within our community, but also that we are becoming better stewards of our community. We must actively ban together to create and instill values of anti-hate amongst our peers and our community. Now more than ever, The College of Idaho must stand strong against intolerance of any kind.”